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The Step by Step guide to Stone Setting part 1- tube

How to make a tube setting

Step 1 – measure the your ring shank to desired length using formula 3.14 time radius squared

Step 2 – Solder Shank begin with preparing metal by anneal it quench and pickle, then bend end together so they meet it has to be pretty exact so that the solder will flow if not use a flat file to even the ends. Flux the whole ring so that fire stain does not occur and flux the solder then anneal make sure the whole ring is heated up before applying direct heat onto the solder also make sure its only a small palion of solder as we do not want unnecessary blobs!

FullSizeRender (1)

Step 3- solder the tubing on I did with hear tweezers with the ring on top as this will assure me that the tube wont roll away.


The tube is now secure you can now set the stone inside which has to be smaller than the outer circumference for example if this is a 5mm tubing you will need a 4mm stone.

FullSizeRender (2) - Copy.jpg

Step 4 – Setting the stone so we need a series of tools like a burnisher and a pushover tool but first using either a drill or a dremel use a 4mm setting bur to countersink the setting and for the stone to sit nicely inside I would recommend to drill at least 3 to 4 millimeters in. Using a ring clamp place the ring inside and place the stone in the tube the stone should sit straight. Using the “clock” technique i.e 12- 3-6-9 o’ clock using push over tool and lots of strength push over the sides  and push over the rest after that. also use the smoother tool to smooth off any edges. Lastly using the burnisher will further smooth the edges and also make it shiny.

You now have a completed ring all you need to do is add Tripoli and rouge to a polishing machine and your good to go!

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