ETHNOGRAPHY/ Photography project

An Interaction with R-cade

We did a photography project working with Rcade Glasgow this is a place were everyone is welcome, a place were you can sit down eat, play games and talk to friends. 

After observing this place for two weeks it is quite clear it is a very homely and friendly place to be. 

Bellow there are types of shots that I did one was a conceptual game piece using a fictions charecter to show interaction of someone with social anxiety.


The other depicts natural life in a day in the life or R-cade. 

This project was very fun and visually stunning to shoot I especially liked playing around with filters/acetate strips.


The socialy anxious character

A day in the life of R-cade

Personal Persona Photography 

An exploration into emotional photography

Lost in Isolation 

Nightmare funfair

Used to...

If any of you had an emotional experience from these photos and it resinated with you email me your thoughts at :