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Research Project (Part 1 the Jeweller)

Hello my fellow followers welcome back to a new semester which mean back to the daily grind!!!

I’m kidding but in all seriousness I  was given a jeweller to research this week and at the same time this would help you to discover what kind of jeweller you would be when you graduate. My jeweller was Heejoo Kim (and yes i am aware by the time I go to talk about her it will sound like I’m talking about myself in 3rd person!). The Korean Jeweller uses interesting materials such as leather, copper, enamel and silver. Her technique is very interesting as I feel she approaches jewellery in a sculptural way as she carves theses fantastical wax forms inspired by the strange shapes found in nature. She then goes on to electroplate this and then enamel for colour.


Kim’s work is characterized as material based rather than being conceptual art. Kim likes to just show off the materials attractive side to convey there’s more to see than use (beauty of material rather than aesthetic)

Through Kim’s interest and relationship with nature she intends to tell a story of nature through the use of material. She tends to use animal organs, plant parts and things that are commonly found tin the Forrest as a source of inspiration. She also incorporates the sensation of fear, familiarity, unfamiliarity, tranquility, passivity and activity toward evolution, by capturing these sensations is key in the process of her jewellery pieces.

Heejoo Kim wants art jewellery to be a field of its own in which art can be in harmony with the human body but at the same time she does not want to disregard the craftsmanship of the jewellery as she feels this is also an important factor:

“When people wear art jewellery and feel the harmony of their body and the  work, they can develop a different concept of art. Regardless of its “preciousness” or “concept of an art piece” wearing art jewellery could make people feel different. The harmony of a wearer and a work they will naturally regard it as an art form”

As an art jeweller and a strong believer that art jewellery should harmonies with the human body which means wearability and sustainability. Both of these trades play a huge role in her process.


Overall Heejoo Kim believes she is an art based Jeweller making sculptural forms on the body. However, from investigating her through art forums and websites I have come to the conclusion she is all three genres of jewellery which are design, art and craft. Since she considers herself as art she would be in that category however she later goes on to talk about wearability and sustainability which are important points of a jewellery piece. Moreover she then talks about the craft of materials using techniques like wax carving and electroforming and agrees that there is value in craftsmanship. So I believe she is within all three styles within the jewellery field. Moreover, when I read more about Heejoo Kim and her ethos on using nature as a narrative for her jewellery I began to think along the lines of having a narrative jewellery piece similarly to the work of Jack Cunningham who’s pieces are seen as “Whats its” a conversation starter, a sense of nostalgia. Perhaps I could use this way of thinking as an example to my own work as I find it intresting g that you could present your own story or perhaps experience into your own jewellery like a visual diary piece in order to help other. Be it functional or not.

Kimmy xxx

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