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Buy My Jewellery :)

Inspired from my second year Anxiety collection I am now selling a contemporary style jewellery so if you are interested please contact me for further details.

Set 1- Anxiety Jewellery

Earings (sublimated aluminium) – £15 (can come in green and blue if wished)


Anxiety Neck piece- (Aluminium, brass, oxidized copper, lavender) –  £32


Double neck piece- (sublimated aluminium, oxidized copper, brass, Lavender)- £42

(If you like the individually designs that can be arranged and drop the price can be reduced)

Memory/ Multi-functional  Jewellery 

This was based on nerves and neurons and can be bendable if person feels nervous or feels the need to be creative with there jewellery.

Bendable jewellery (Felt, Latex, Pigment dye, Silver and Brass)- £26


Bendable Neuron Necklace- £19

For More Information please contact me via Email –

Similiarly contact me via facebook as well if you are intrested in my pieces - 

Thanks Kimmy xxx

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