Breaking Down Barriers

Whats the issue?

In todays society we are surrounded by phones we can't get off of them to the pint were physical contact is impossible. I find that have real physical conversation is lost which is why I find we need to do something about it.


A way that people create conversation is through memories. I always admired the photography of the 1975 and there landscapes of the album cover art. There was always something reminiscent about that and everyone can relate to looking at the sky or going to the beach as I feel that were memories are made.


So I experimented with those scenes and creating some interactive moving parts.


I couldn't find inspiration for a long time. I went to Copenhagen's design museum to get inspiration (I was on holiday with friends at the same time I didn't just fly there randomly for one thing). Whilst I was there I seen an exhibition that was people displaying interactive wooden pieces. I liked the material as it had so much depth and a really earthy smell so this encouraged me to use more wood.


My initial design consist of shapes that represent a memory tree and having this idea in pored from the wood exhibition and the turning sensory wood room it inspired me to encourage people to think about times in there shared memory and have a conversation. So I created different section of memory similar like a charm bracelet were the wearr would recall memories from the charm and perhaps converse with others.. However, I found this wasn't as effective and didn't create a sense of conversation with others and I like the idea of sharing and creating experiences with others.


My final concept incororpates brooches as a way to make conversation with a board of memories Thant can be uploaded buy the user and their friends so its very personalised. This provides a sense of play to the user as they pick up place the objects on there broaches to talk about it and on the back it has a qr code if there are more pictures or videos which can be viewed but ultimately its for discussion. It is also  problem solving activity as the user finds a way to piece the puzzle together. 


This piece is perfect for close friends maybe student who go abroad as well as they could have a memory of them as they travel to different country and the last memories of each other is swapping their memories. In the future they could meet up and swap again.

Design Boards