A Conversation on the Senses

In this project it devlops a more stylish way of interacting with people and creating conversation using memory. This was initially inspired by the works of Jack Cunningham with his conversational broaches and random found objects which told a narrative. 


My inspirational shapes took form from nature and looking into parks as this is something very relatable and natural, organic shapes seems to calm people down. 

I use a lot of images from different seasons there was no reason behind this it was just luck that no one was there. However I did like this idea of having childhood memories that people could relate to so not only nature theres always that childhood play park that could be conversational. So I used a laser cutter to initially etch out the shapes. However a happy accident occurred and some pieces etched onto wood while others simply cut out the shapes which was perfect as I like to collage so I began to rivet the shapes together and add some colour to the mix.

I then began to create little developments adding more shapes and colour. Each time I made them it was clear they were doing to be brooches.  The rivets that were hammered in created a pivot action which inspired this curvy design to play with I was was thinking about fidget broach as I still wanted it to be targeted towards those who were going through anxiety because in this day and age it is awkward to make conversation and all you want to do is play with your hands or hair or something near you. The shape came from the park as I liked the rings around the map of the park. this them manifested into more curvy flexible shaped ultimately resembling into a fidget spinner but this was only an experiment. 

From the first batch of broaches I decided to go ahead and develop them making them bigger and more functional.

As I went to epilepsy Scotland to ask their opinion on my broaches they said it would be nice if the pieces could come off. like a mix and match action as currently the pieces were riveted on so the user could move them about as the riveted or rotates. So this idea seemed interesting to test.

Since I already liked my "ready made" collection I liked the idea of creating blanks for people to create their own conversations so I made wooden blank broaches and attached magnets so people would want to create their own broach attachments for themselves.

Below is how users would interact with these brooches I also created components that have scents so create this conversation as I believe smell triggers off a memory to start a conversation.