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So you want to get inspiration but your phone camera aint cutting it... you've come to the right place.

Right now there are a range of cameras in the market ranging from NIKON to Canon to Olympus. But which one is the right one?

Well the answer is simply personal preference. I mean the "rules" doesnt say you have to stop at having dsr camera (digital) you could also use a manual camera and maybe get film developed or develop it yourself with your own dark room. You could also use polaroids I like using the old fashioned polaroid camera but you could also use what the trendy kids are using Instax which comes in many colours and fancy frames.

But preferably I like the SUN 60 model due to its vintageness

But again this is all personal preference.

So in my opinion i feel like its about looking and shopping around to what you like there are many videos online that shows reviews and effects that you want to capture.

In this video I explain different lenses you could use as I currently have 4:

A macro lense for seeing close up shots, zoom, wide angle and a telescopic cause I love looking into space.

Take a look :)

Thanks for reading till the next one.


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