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How to Organise your time effectivly

Hey everyone welcome back today's topic of discussion and today we discuss the importance of time management. Yes it is a hard thing for us humans to do as we want to do everything, but find ourselves having time passing us by and before you know it we are rushing and staying up to ridiculous hours to get things done and risking our health to not get a good night's rest. (And from looking at my past project you know I am all about that sleep! ) I think this topic of organisation is such an important issue especially in today's world were we are working from home (some of us may not be but that's ok) but for those who are at home may also be running their own business from home it may be at times difficult to get in the groove to a particular schedule. Similarly as you would if you were at work and needed to be in at a certain time or even if you are still at university and your teacher expects you to be in for a 9am or 10am start. However, when at home rules seem slightly relaxed because it's our home and not our usual place of work therefore rules may be "slightly slacker".

So how do you fix this dilemma so that you can equally do work in the morning and have some "me time" at night when your done. Well I've compiled a few things that may help.

1. Make a time table

Make, download or simply draw out a time table for yourself. I find that drawing one out is a good way to keep organised as you could go and grab a piece of paper or a little journal and make a time table like the ones your school gave you. Treat it like a prototype you could trial run what time you want to/ like to get up at and the time you want/like start work at and see were it goes and if your body allows that it will get into the rhythm of things. If all goes wrong and the times don't suit you grab an eraser and rub out your current time and put in the time that made sense for you.

2. Use your Phone alarm

So this is a new thing i've been exploring to allow me or rather force me to stay regimented on working as we do sometimes and have the tendency to say "i'll get to it later" and in the words of Shia Labeouf "JUST DO IT!"

I think this is a great way to stick to that time table and it goes hand in hand as well. So grab your phone and put the alarms of when your getting up and the time your starting work and heck maybe put when your finishing time as well as this will force you to take a break and start with a clear head the next day.

3. Make a to do list

If you've got things to do write a To do list and at the end of the day tick it off as you go along. Don't worry about regimently finishing it for the day. It would be good if you could finish what you set out to do however, if you didn't then write about it in a self reflection. So if you did what you set out to do in your list say how and why you did it , what did you learn and how it made you feel then next steps forward. By doing this takes the pressure of this huge pile of things to do and then puts it into perspective and even learning to break down what is realistically possible to achieve during that day. Even if it's just one thing then that's ok and it gives you a sense of accomplishment. Think of it like progress and say even if you didn't finish it at least there's progress and always have a take away reflection from what you've learned so you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the next day!

4. Make a Kanban Board

A Kanban board is a way to improve productivity. Toyota use it during team meetings with their staff therefore you can too! It's a more refined version of the "To do List" and perhaps it feels a bit more fulfilling in the sense that a sticky note is being moved from one section to another which in my opinion feels satisfying. So how it works is you initially have your to do list and you move one element from it that you are doing and once you have done it it get moved to done and at the end of your week you can reflect on all the things you have accomplished. Now I think thats worthy of a glass of wine !

5. Keep yourself informed

If anything make sure you make time for your loved ones, make time for yourself be it reading your favourite book, movie or youtube channel.

In particular a good video to watch is Brene Browns TED talk the power of Vulnarability which I will link here it's definitely a good watch that changes your perspective of the way you see your emotions.

I would also recommend youtube channel I would recommend is Reimagine by Kteodesigns as I feel "she" has a lot to say with her informative videos of design and life. So keep up to date and if reading is too much I have made a video copy which you can watch bellow

Thanks for reading

Keep reimagining the world


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