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The Road to “Curing”Social Anxiety Part 6 (The Ritual)

Hello everyone and welcome to the next installment of the Road to “curing ” social anxiety it has been a long journey and I hope this process was not to just cure myself but I hope this piece can cure others as well.

Now my task for this week was to come up wit a ritual and with my Brooch/ amulet piece use it using the research I have done to update a ritual or make a new contemporary ritual. As I sat in my room thinking deeply about this I was thinking about myself and what I did when I get anxiety. The first thing I thought was I would listen to music and go straight into painting something. My next thought was like “yeah Ill do that!” unfortunately I had to perform it which meant I had to put myself under awkward situations in order for me to get anxiety and cure myself with my own ritual and amulet. So I failed to put myself in an awkward position however I guess i thought back to when I felt anxious my product and the time were my head was clouded and I couldn’t think as i was stressed about my workload so I just channeled that and yeah I did feel anxious!

So initially my ritual was gonna be a story board but I felt it would be more helpful if it was a “How to Guide” as I felt again i waned to help others too and as a reminder to myself to! The first thing I usually do when i get anxiety is I try to listen to calm music to get my head straight and i close my eyes and visualize my own island. I also found wearing clothes that are brighter can cheer you up and give you a sense of happiness and also it will help you to gain confidence and take that one step further. I also found if you become stressed always take regular breaks come back to in in two days do something else to distract you and or use it as a way of escape.

Once I used my brooch I felt things started to come back into colour as the piece is already very colorful and with its aromatic lavender smell was instantly calming. As I look down at my chest its a constant reminder that I can draw and i don’t completely suck! Taking deep breaths from this piece was defiantly very soothing and calming!

how to guide page 1
page 2

In conclusion I do love wearing this broach and i do feel this project has boosted my confidence and made me into a braver person however, was it really this brooch or was i a feeling inside me that was dormant that the project had to awaken who knows I only just gotta keep trying 🙂

Kimmy xxx

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