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The Road to “Curing” Social Anxiety part 5 – Final piece

Hello ladies and Gentleman, and yes I am being formal but just because I wanted to say that I am finally done with my piece yay!!! And boy has it been such a long process filled with tears and stress and even more tears and Im probably harming myself in the process of it all but its worth it but I will swiftly move on from my rant onto something more important.


So when we last left of from part 4 the piece was looking like a 6 well I can reveal that thesis no longer the style as it is now a confident 5 piece not that I lost a piece or anything I just personally re-evaluated it and realised with the 6 together the pieces looked like 3 separate items and I personally thought it separate after stepping back an putting it away fr a couple of days. I’m glad though I made the decision to do that as it looks like a whole piece the next step was whether to oxide silver or paint copper now since I am in second year and thy only give me X amount to spend on silver I thought id be cheap and go for spray painting copper and boy is that a long process because who know there was so many steps like

  1. -Sanding the metal

  2. -Priming the metal

  3. -Wait 30 minutes

  4. – Apply the white spray paint

  5. -Wait another 30 minutes

I felt I was waiting a life time gosh!


Now the next step well before I sprayed I had to decide what type of catch I wanted either  single broach or a double in so again I had to do a little bit more experimenting the first was a bust but at least I tried and then I did think about having  double pin but that because the double is  the pin im used to always making. Furthermore, I wanted to create a broach pin that fitted well with the design and therefore i thought the single fitting works well with the pin as the design looks quirky and so I also wanted to “Quirkify” the broach pin so yeah Single pin happened!

I remember as I was riveting these together there was that added pressure of ” ITS THE LAST PIECE DONT MESS IT UP!!!” as my mind thought about it yes I did mess up the rivets and ended up scratching the piece but then I found this magical tool called “Masking tape” which covers EVERYTHING!!! I know what ill be using next time;

“Life is a learning curve”

Anyway I’m hoping to use this piece in a ritual in some way so perhaps instead of using medication for anxiety ill use this amulet and hopefully I can do more confident things like dating hahah I’m joking if my amulet can do that then Ill sell it and turn a profit oh god but hopefully by using this amulet something good will come out of it stay tuned next week to see what happens when I put this amulet in action


-Kimmy xxx

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