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The Road to “Curing” social anxiety part 4- Design Process

So we meet yet again guys so were do I start let me just exhale for a bit……ahhh that’s better!

Well from that reaction you can probably tell how mentally exhausted my week has been so many decisions, were to go?  is this piece actual going anywhere? This is the design process that I struggled with this week that tells me that I have failed at an idea and then got back up again and learned from it.

So initially in my design I wanted to create this nice neck piece that made a noise and smelled like lavender…however despite how set my mind was on that design the proposal was quickly turned down by my lecturer, it sounds harsh I know but she was right to do that because she made me realize how stuck in a bubble or rather in my theme I was at first I was very negative and trying to battle my argument with her but I later realized that was wrong of me, just like social anxiety I kept doing the same things and not being brave I needed to GET OUT!!! So I took a step back and thought yes I am stuck in my theme of colour I am forgetting about the wearability and only focusing on the way it looks rather than aesthetics! So I began testing the neck piece on my friend who was having a tough time and yes the lavender helped and people said it looks nice however she told me no noise was heard from the design and the chain fell off! So from this it tells me that I’m crap at chain haha


 but seriously I had to rethink this chain as I  believed it wasn’t doing anything for the design and I just wanted to reflect back to my original idea of my own anxiety the worrying area are my chest and its always the chest were I scratch so I began to think:

“When I get anxiety I scratch my chest “

So because of this factor I decided to make it a broach because I only scratch that area which doesn’t move but with a neck piece it will move and therefor I believe I will be more agitated by this.

So that was one thing ticked off that I decided. I knew what it was a Broach. Next struggle do I need to incorporate all the senses like touch, feel , sight and smell?  Well maybe not because I’m making the design cluttered and I guess someone comment on this but I was obviously so passionate about the design of the necklace I became blind! So in order to declutter I had to decide which senseI wanted to highlight so obviously sight had to be included, touch and smell those were the most important factors as I found sound wasn’t very important in my design. However, if anyone asks during making my pieces I was listening to “motivational and inspiring” music by Coldplay “Birds” comes to mind felt so freeing listening to that song while making my piece! So we have what it is a Broach that has touch, smell and sight. GOOD! Struggle number three what its going to look like. This dilemma went on for a while a lot of people “recommended” me to do the design that repeated and was this random cluster thing which was for me just a  sample I mean I thought if I kept going with this design it would turn into some kind of bracelet which I had no intention of doing because that is not were anxiety lies for me and it also had this roughness to it but also people liked this shape because of the randomness and also you could grip it easily, so having all these factors confused me as I was trying to cater for everyone that I talked to that had anxiety and there was this pattern developing, again my vision became clouded because I knew what I wanted and what they wanted and I had to have this common ground which I worked out was repetitive shapes and colour. 


So keeping the general shape I referred back to the original shape which was this crescent shape that naturally bent toward the chest which I felt worked out better was visually satisfying. Next I made way too many of these shapes that my vision was once again cluttered as those damn fourth years took all the sublimation white aluminium and I have limited and also spray painted aluminium white so see what it would look like and then press formed it, surprisingly looked very interesting like porcelain which was nice yet annoying cause I realized I have all these very nice yet int interesting pieces and was so annoyed that individually each piece was nice on its own but when mixed you begin to loose appreciation with each shape and detracted from the original drawing your eyes just moves away from the less effective one to the the more appealing one I felt this would be very unbalanced as I wanted all of them to be appreciated equally! I guess this referrers to anxiety in a way;

“I just want to be noticed and noticed and not ignored”

This in itself was a saying I repeated to myself in which i made it my theme of the broach in a way that I’m trying to capture so I thought about those words and taking pictures of each concept and laying them out really helped clear my mind I still look back at this and think what the hell Kim! It just goes to show what really goes on in your head. I mean look at how many concept I went through I obviously couldn’t keep them all but as person who cannot decide or make decisions I am happy I made one and stuck with it either wise I would still be at that place were I’m like “what am I  doing what are these pieces ahhh!”

So yeah I went into uni of Saturday of all days looked at again with fresh eyes as i put away for like 3 days or something and just grew some balls and and just spontaneously was like “yeah I’m going with this design, no attachment no need for extra neck pieces DONE!”

“Don’t look back!”

Im gonna be brave I need to stop arsing around just do it in the words of Shia lebouf haha or “Just do something!” from the book “Show your work!” by Austin Kleon  which I heavily recommend you reading that book it inspired me and now I hope will inspire you all to 😉 and I also hope I can inspire you guys one day! If you want you can grab me on any of the social medias or even a comment on this blog if I have done something to improve your day as it would make my day hearing that 🙂

Well till next time guys 🙂

-Kimmy xxx

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