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Munich Adventures

So I finally have time to blog about Munich I know its been 2 months but I hope I can cover everything but not everything if that makes sense Im just gonna go ahead and review Munich’s Jewellery week but before that can I just say how beautiful this clean city is I know it Snowed but still its was absolutely stunning from the architecture to even the small things like glass lifts and the fountains this place is definitely the place to be for inspiration.

So first of I went to see this exibition on what each artist perceives what  “jewellery box” is so this amazing artist who incorporates music in his work which I felt very close to as I believe music is the route to happines and it can impact us in a variety of ways but the artist Fumiki Taguchi believes you don need to survive with music but without it we are not complete which I strongly believe so hes kept all his music in the form of CD’s and incorporated it into music to let you wonder if this cd could play what piece of music would each broach be mmmm. Now lets think these pieces are very geometrical and sharp either something techno or some kind of edgy rock im sticking my guns at something from the 80’s haha. Next another artists who I found his concept very witty so as a kid he as always valued jewellery boxes as he found it  always protesting the jewellery. He doesn’t pay much attention to his boxes but the concept of “jewellery box I found his take on it was very witty as he has reversed this and made pieces from model making kit like the plastic that you pick off from the set and put in the bin for the idea that its beautiful but we always miss how beautiful these forms really are which i feel this point need to be raised!

I also loved this other guys work who is from Japan I talked bit with him and he says he started his life doing architecture which definitely shows as his rings are so structured and full of kinetic energy safe to say I was thurley impressed by these rings and if i had the money this would already be in my possession!

Moreover I also went to see some really interesting material pieces one in particular looked like fondant icing or even some kind of silicon piece but to my surprise the artist tells me it was Silk Foam! I had never heard of this before or even touched it before it was surprisingly squishy was pretty funny after Munich how people had found this silk foam in Hobby craft and started making their own “designer brooches”. I also discover a piece which looked 3D printed as it was this delicate plastic leaves and vines on this piece of wood. Again I was astonished because she says she made it out of old recycled plastic bags… “WHAT!” things dont make sense and are never what they seem but I guess that’s whats current and thats what shocks people and makes them inspired to create something that doesn’t look like what its ment to.

We also visited a chap called Peter Vermndere who had interesting heads made of silver they were so nice I was so tempted to buy one I loved the head ring the most because it looked like a Titan From Attack on Titan eating my finger always appreciate a bit of nerdy referencing! 😉 But I found it very interesting that he had all hos sketchbooks laid out and open.I think thats what i prefer to see the process rather than the finished piece as Im always a fan of the concept as you can see peoples through process and it might not turn out what you might think they were thinking. I was talking to Peter Vermandere and he was saying its a good idea to go back into an old sketchbook and rework it as your thoughts have matured and whatever you were working on then will turn into something completely different.

Next Stop was a place called American Gothic now this place was uh… interesting alot of fallacy objects or rather jewellery. I wonder who would buy those kinds of things its definitely bold and unusual Ill give you thats but there were also pieces called virgin mary and pieces referencing jesus resurrection safe to say I was a bit disturbed but not thinking about the concept aesthetically the pieces looked fun and well made.

The next day I went to see this talk were this women talked about her jewellery pieces made from paper but also somehow incorporated metal into it. one in particular I couldn’t believe she thinly rolled down copper  it looks like fabric but I can tell you it was so heavy to wear that i can believe its copper! I also went to see David Bielanders work  which was so incredible to see as from afar it looks like cardboard but I can assure you it certainly was not. I was just in aw because its made of thinly rolled down gold and using sterling silver as the staples through it. It was definably well executed and i was thurly amazed! I remember because I’m someone who loves to touch things to believe it but it was encased so sadly that was a no but the curator wore his gloves and took it out of the stand to fix it and you could here how dense it was, sounds paper couldn’t make. Truly astonishing!

So I can go on and on about Munich till my hands bleed but I will say that this was such an inspiring trip i seen so much and realised that nothing is what it appears to be and that what will leave the viewer astonished and amazed each time, its nice to have such an impact on people just with the object that are created be it big or small. Just goes to show you that big things can come in tiny packages 😉

Till next time everyone

Kimmy xxx

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