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How to engage with people (while in quarantine)

Hey guys got the quarantine lockdown blues? Find it difficult to socialise or engage with people that might benefit your business? What if I told you it was easier now! Now that we are living full on in a digital world it is actually easier to schedule meetings or engagements with people as you know they are at home and if they are not at home you know that they are inside nearby or if not likely near a computer.

Somehow we have moved from the era of skype and everyone is doing "Zoom" personally this is new to me but I guess all these webcam calls are all the same. But I have found many if not all organisations using this way to stay in touch with each other and i think it's great. If you are fortunate to be part of these zoom groups it could be from work then you'll know how good it feels to socially connect with people. However, people who have their own business is a different story?

So how do you become part of these groups. Well its pretty easy most group events are free and flexible to attend it just depends who your following and what your interests lie in. Firstly ask yourself who do you admire, who inspired you who do you see yourself being mentored by. Thought of people? Good now follow them on twitter and I guarantee they will have events on which will lead to free and interesting zoom meetings. Ig they don't why not work up the courage to ask them for a one to one session and just chat for an hour it could be a good chance to not only network but pick their brains in how they became successful and tips to encourporate with your own business. Its like what it said in the book Show Your Work;

"Live life like your dying"

Kleon (2014)

What's the worst they could say? There's no harm in trying. If your connected in linkedin great yet another way to find these zoom meetings as once your part of it you get to network and talk to like minded people to share ideas and meet up after this lockdown is over.

(I'd recommend reading this during lockdown by the way its will open your eyes!!!)

If you don't want to zoom with your "hero" and solely want to focus on your design work and need primary research from demographic groups that is still available. Most charities are still open, personally i always interact with epilepsy scotland and every monday there's always a mindful group meet up and it's very refreshing to talk with them on life or whatever topic you want to discuss with them. So as long as you have clear intentions write up an email about what your doing, how you want to do it and maybe benefits of doing it i'm sure the group would be happy to join. I think though it would be good to make sure before pitching your idea if there is an active zoom group being held if that's what your focus is but again if not theirs no harm in talking to the organiser or the worker there about the charity or organisation, just be sure to be nice and sincere in the email.

The other day I was contemplating doing virtual workshops which is a good way to engage rather than sitting with questions although that is good to if you do it in a "coffee shop style"

but a workshop is a good way to highlight what you want it may be a bit more work as you would need to tell people in advance to maybe get the materials and if they dont at least it could be a tutorial so I guess theres nothing to loose plus it shows off your skills and your service in what you offer and if they like it and like you people will keep coming back for more just be confident in what you want to do and if all else fails its learning at the end of the day.

Thanks for reading and if you would be so kind I made a video version of this blog on my youtube channel I will put a link here:



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