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How to find Inspiration

In this post I talk about how to find inspiration.

Do you ever feel stuck for ideas? Being in a grind? Well Im gonna help you find more inspiration?

Where might you add? I would recommend going outside to take pictures. What things inspire you I always find a good way is to take a walk somewhere could be anywhere and sometimes things just click and you begin to look at things differently.

Imagine you had a camera in your eyes what angles would you look at?

Now take your eyes and transfer that to a camera and hopefully you can find inspiration from that picture or maybe its a series of pictures to make a mood board.

Other ways to find inspiration is by looking around as well so perhaps during your walk you stubble upon a social issue this could be a personal issue that you would like to resolve through art and design or maybe you look at the news and see an issue that you care about and then find measures that you could use design to improve the situation be it a product or service/experience.

Other ways of course is online the first examples are field/ primary research which I would always recommend because this is yours, your source, your own copyrighted property.

There are websites that I would recommend using for inspiration. Avoid google images and wikipedia not sure if those are "quality images" although when I was a wee lass my art teacher told me to use the french google because you had access to more stuff and the images were better so who knows that was a funny piece of info so if you want to do that maybe haha.

1. Pinterest is a helpful tool and it was created to make inspiration boards

2. Portfolio sites like BEHANCE not to say look at other peoples work and copy it but get inspiration maybe that person laser cut something that inspired you to laser cut.

3. News article sites and research/ journal sites are a good form of knowledge. If you are in university I would definitely recommend using their journal service they have bought licenses to many articles, sites you wouldn't be known about and even artists or designers you wouldnt of stumbled on. So definitely utilize this cause as an adult i miss this so bad!

4. Google scholar is another website to use if you are not a university student however again some sites need licences (perks of university students)

5. going to a library or bookstore to get books out they are your best friends and if you buy books you can highlight away or take notes or even bookmark a pretty picture to scan.

For more information about how to get inspiration I made a video below so hopefully you can check it out if you are not a reader.

Thanks for reading


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