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Hello everyone I am KteoJewellery and yes you are saying it right. I am a Scottish/Malaysian Jewellery student from the University of Dundee and thought well maybe I should start early. Now my passion of jewellery has always came from my passion for fashion as a kid (yay rhymes!!!) Don’t let my naïve jokes sway you away from this page I am just an adult like you with a little bit of a silly humour. Anyway since I love to design naturally I wanted to create something in a slightly more expressive yet smaller scale. I went through a stage of product design and eventually jewellery made its way to me. my biggest inspiration is Joanne Haywood, just looking at her work gave me inspiration d and drive that you can see in my work today as we both use organic forms. I have been studying jewellery for 2 years ad continuing to do it in Duncan Of Jordonson. Inspiration not only comes to me through aspired artists but since I grew up in Glasgow the city known of its “Dear Green Place” i have taken to its Organic nature and thus named a collection based on the term “Dear Green Place” which won me the H.S Walsh & Sons Award which i am very proud of. Now were will my ventures take me next in the city of Dundee… well your just gonna have to read more to find out!!!

Award Winning  "Dear Green Place" collection by Kim Tiong

Award Winning “Dear Green Place” collection by Kim Tiong

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