Welcome fellow people!!!

Hello everyone I am KteoJewellery and yes you are saying it right. I am a Scottish/Malaysian Jewellery student from the University of Dundee and thought well maybe I should start early. Now my passion of jewellery has always came from my passion for fashion as a kid (yay rhymes!!!) Don’t let my naïve jokes sway you away from this page I am just an adult like you with a little bit of a silly humour. Anyway since I love to design naturally I wanted to create something in a slightly more expressive yet smaller scale. I went through a stage of product design and eventually jewellery made its way to me. my biggest inspiration is Joanne Haywood, just looking at her work gave me inspiration d and drive that you can see in my work today as we both use organic forms. I have been studying jewellery for 2 years ad continuing to do it in Duncan Of Jordonson. Inspiration not only comes to me through aspired artists but since I grew up in Glasgow the city known of its “Dear Green Place” i have taken to its Organic nat