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Welcome all to the Wellbeing Blogs

Hey guys Im so pleased to see you all have taken an interest in visiting this site and I will be constantly updating you on new developments, thought and new designs and content that will hopefully improve your health and wellbeing.

This blog will be a follow on from my other wordpress blog and if you're new to this you can read about my orgins of me getting to this point on

Looking back on those post does make e cry in a good way as it shows my thoughts at the time and mindset and every once in a while I check this out to remind myself that I am a creative individual as when you are low its always good to have that kind of reminder. I recently read this proverb "you are you, original" I do stand by this even tho the notion of originality no longer exists but I feel even developing on idea makes us original as we choose to think that way and choose that path in order to create something beautiful.

Now im not much of a writer so i hope you can understand my rambled thoughts during this journey together and Im hopeful to what the future will hold.

Talk to you soon.

Kimmy xxx

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