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The Road to Curing Social Anxiety Part 3 – Feed Back

Hello guys Kimmy here sorry for such a long break in the blog so much things have happened which means this blog needs to be split in two so I will post the next part on Saturday I promise 😉 The reason for this massive gap is because i was away to Germany for Jewellery week in Munich which I have to say was such an interesting and inspiring trip collectively found alot  of things didn’t look the material it should be which was a trend apparently but again will have that for another blog! hahahah onto tackling the REAL issues!!!

So last time I left you fellow readers I cheekily left you hanging at still doing my 3 prototypes well guys I can now tell you that I have finished those prototypes and onto doing a final piece however my mind set has been changed since then but I will still walk you guys through the process! The 3 prototypes were:

1. A chain with my  sublimation pieces which evidently made the sounds of shells clinking  together

2. A lavender scented Broach (also Sublimation Aluminium)

3. A neckpiece with all forms of chain and lavender smell and also sound of the Alumium clinking together.

Now I know what your thinking there some kind of sense connection… well your right Each one I was trying to incorporate the senses into each piece. First chain was Sound and a bit of sight. Second Piece was touch and smell and the last well i guess i tried incorporate them all which means it might be cluttered!

I went on to set up my table almost again getting locked out of uni but doesn’t matter i woke up at like 8am and straight to Uni on a Saturday i might add (and I had to go to glasgow in the afternoon for my Mums Birthday )to set up my table now here is my question “would n anti-social person do that!” my guesses maybe I have a negative feeling! (my behaviour is changing its the colours and smell!!! AHHHH) anyway yeah set it up painted some 3D printed things cleaned my desk it was roller coaster but nothing compares to working from the 3 protypes to actual final model as I realise that I have focused on the way it looks rather the functionality which I have to look at and not get stuck to my theme which is something


i am working on currently you just need to find out net week on how my brain went through both a stressful yet clouded roller coaster ride filled with lots of deep thought and frustration.

Now I know this doesnt answer the cure of social anxiety yet but it will in the next one i promise maybe not so much cure but well see till next time guys

-Kimmy xxx

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