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Scotland RE: Designed Interiors showcase (a review)

What a colourful turn out if I need inspiration for colour and pattern this is the place to be. As a fellow Design student I was intrigued in everything this showcase had to offer Laura Spring for example you cant miss her work with the use of primary colours and pattern in work the word bold isn’t enough to describe her work. I also couldn’t help notice her lamp shades and being Scottish and all that the first one I notice was the orange and blue and instantly thought “Irn Bru”!!! She also had a matching pillow  so you can tell I was also excited about that however being a student means I can only admire from a far. (and later cry to myself) I also enjoyed looking at the teacups as I love tea (and I come from the city of the willow tearooms!) Danna Finnigan’s tea  cups are absolutely stunning with her collage design imprinted on the cup almost like magazines have been ripped and thrown on the cup and the us of colour isn’t at all and eye sore they manage to blend into one another it seems impossible but possible!

As I walked around the exhibition I also couldn’t help notice the giant carpet that screamed Glasgow. It was as if it was becoming me to look at it as it was the infamous coned headed horse rider of Glasgow on a carpet with the cities grid system embossed on it. I feel that I was meant to be there either wise something bad would’ve happened!

Moreover as we came so get our seats we were introduced to a panel of designers and bloggers who had a lot of interesting things to say one in particular that really spoke to me was Katie Treggiden who made Confessions of a design Geek blog she says she is so passionate about design and believes:

“Design has a tremendous power to solve problems and to make lives better and that’s from a spectrum of coat hangers that don’t get tangled up in the morning and drive you insane to the Maggie centres. From Large to small I think Design has tremendous power to make peoples lives better but I think you have to have a certain belief of the impossible in order to solve some of these problems, I think if your hard and snick your not going to come up with those breakthroughs and new ways of  making peoples lives better and what I see in the vast majority of the new designers I see that fire and that passion, that belief and I’m addicted to that!”

I also leanred from these talks that not ever of design has confesence in there own work as we question our ability everyday as it is part of our inherent creativity Having the fear of failure is a great motivation and again this links back to a book I recently read called

“Show your Work”by Austin Kleon

This book taught me to be more experimental and live life like your dying! Sounds a bit strange but its true as we all have to be spontaneous in our work have no restrictions and be free about it go wild with experimentation as you never know how far you can really go!

Kimmy xxx

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