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Pecha Kucha 2015 Volume 13

On Tuesday I attended my first Pecha Kucha now i herd this was a Inspired by Japanese culture so since i love japanese culture and art why not!

As I first walk into Bonar Hall it was very bizarre as I was confronted with  a man wearing what looked like a mix between camera/ glasses and a projector on his head! This was project called ” Touchy The Human” were you touch the person wearing the sensor and you would instantly get a picture… I dont know if its because im a girl or an hard ass scott but that seems very creepy the concept is there dont get me wrong but i dont know if i want to go around touching a stranger or if the products for the public anyone touching me but meh maybe its just me being weird!

Moreover I found the works of Ah Bin Shim very interesting as she is a fine artist and looks at the process of life she likes to put alot of herself in images she creates as if she is realy there and this really became strong and a recognisable theme inher work that later on she grew tired of this particular style and changed to shapes as she was interested in form and also felt the shapes reflected back to the movement of the human body. She made this sculpture which I thought was pretty intresting it was essentially a clock pedulum and a hand this was called “You and I ” and i found this very intrsting as the person is reaching to grab time however time keeps moving and we are unable to capture this.She then held this very strange installation exhibition were there would be flying golf clubs, a naked woman on tv on her hands and knees and egg shells  on the ground. Have to say in some way this has to be insightful but when naked people and inuendos are involved my mind just tunes out of the art world and becomes like an immature child sorry art world! If you want to have a look at th exhibition it features in Abertay University union.

As Intermission began to rise Creative Dundee had a Big announcement to make now I knew this year was the year f Food and drink and because Dundee became an aculade based on a history and design sector and future journey and is soon will be the home of the V and A well next year 2016 will be the prime year of design as you have the degree shows and celebration of Architecture. The festival of Design will commence between 25th- 28th May 2016

Next (after some very nice moist home baked cake) there was a couple of more talks Taeguo Choi was quite interesting as i felt he was like a Walter Gropius as he created a school computation (computer bauhaus) he reconds he made poerty with the computers he created s the devices are all in binary and yet when it flashes it tells the time and is also a calculate I find it fascinating as its quite cool to see peoples take on design and art everyone is and thinks differently despite what design background you come from. Ryan Mclod was another refreshing speaker to listen too as he believes there need more laghter on the internet and because scotland has its own dialect he created this app called “ootside” which will launch soon and its a funny take on scottish weather so if its hot it will say “Taps Aff” and if its raining it will say “dreick” i thought this was a wonderful idea and im very excited to have this app

Overall I found my first Pecha Kucha great but bizarre but i guess thats what it is a place were bizarreness happens and people talk about there ideas and there stories so that it may help get people connected be it the audience or the showcase themselves. I found there was an immensely diverse talent and each speaker was different no two were the same discipline even though there mostly about art there was even views on art from a medical lecture and if you talk to most medical students you’ll know how surprising this is as it was nice to hear a the lecturer appreciate art.  I also feel that Pecha Kucha is the voice of Dundee through many peoples voices as Dundee is full  of diversely creative people full of designers, textiles artists,and  illustrators so no wonder we are a Unesco city and are celebrating the festival of design!

Kimmy xxx

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