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Kim’s Travels Part 2 (St Andrews)

Hello all sorry it took so long to get to this point its been a full week of arty event here in Dundee but I’ve finally got the time to come back here and post things for you guys and as promised here is what I discovered in St Andrews in which some think is very blah but in the eyes of small crazy Scottish Asian is simply not!

The first thing I noticed about St Andrews is it was really… uh surprisingly very nice the streets were flat I don’t even recall climbing up a hill and most of the streets were coble stone (so ladies that means don’t wear heels in St Andrews!) I was also surprised to see Sir Giles Gilbert Scott’s red post box because in Glasgow im used to seeing telephone boxes but usually in the style of a cracked BT phone booth with graffiti masking the sides but to witness a real red telephone booth that’s not in London well that’s rare! I then got my friends to call one another from it and bobs your uncle it works that’s technology and history in the making truly spectacular just witnessing two people from todays generation using technology used from  1929 as a pose to calling one another using an iPhone despite the money loss they told me they could feel the history just phone each other.

More things I began to notice is that I knew Scottish people were short but gosh this was SHORT! The doors on the houses looks like people of St Andrews were about 5ft and under at least I know there are other cities other than Glasgow that has short people as I visited the oldest house in Glasgow which was again the same size as the houses of St Andrews so im guessing these were the summer houses of these tobacco lords perhaps?

But Seriously from the architecture to the beaches everything was completely stunning if I was a photography student I think I would get a damn good grade because the scenery I took (not to brag) was stunning and the lighting was amazing. So don’t let anyone tell you otherwise that St Andrews is boring and all there is to do is golf, St Andrews has history, beautiful scenery, a beach with a Varity of stones (seriously I like collected so many patterned stones my table looks like a geologist study!) I just wish we had more time to look at St Andrews in more depth so that I can tell you the history perhaps I could ask my friend who does history to insert something here… who knows he’s kind lazy. Anyway please do visit St Andrews its defiantly a great place to bond with people and dare I say were friendships are made and were you can get an “A” on a photography project so in that sense yeah St Andrews is an “arty” place given the perspective.

Kimmy xxx  

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