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Kim’s travels part 1 (Town of Dundee)

As I was Traveling around the town of Dundee I noticed a lot of statues and literally knowing nothing coming to Dundee I did not have a clue that the statues had so much history and myths (minus the Desperate Dan statue). The most famous Dundee Dragon was a very striking contrast for me as one wouldn’t expect to see a giant dragon in the middle if the street especially in and industrial looking town such as Dundee.

The story goes that a Dundee farmer sent his daughter down to a well to get water however she did not return and then he sent his other daughter down and again did not return. He then sent all nine daughters and once again all of them disappeared and it is believed that the Dundee dragon devoured them all without leaving any traces of the daughters. It is believed that the boyfriend of one of the sisters slew the dragon and became the hero of this tale. The Sculpture was originally created by Alastair Smart who was a Sculptor and Lecturer at Duncan of Jordonson College of Art in Dundee.

Another statue I spotted on my travels are the lemming which are game characters from the same designers of Grand Theft Auto and are situated behind the old studio Lemmings Studio DMA Design. The Artist Alyson Conway created these cute game creatures in bronze she says :

“A lookout is atop one pillar scouting the way across, while behind him a climber clambers up and below a builder is laying bricks”

The lemmings were created in 1991 for home computer and then successfully branched out on 31 platforms and multiple sequels including a newer one for PS Vita were the lemmings come interactive and touchscreen is in play.

pretty cool that I can say I live literally near the lemmings 🙂 hopefully you can join me next time for my travel update blog were I will be traveling to St Andrews so tune in for that.

Kim xxx

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