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In Between Light and Dark

In the pocket of Dundee I have never in my life would imagine myself finding these places. Young fine art students showcase an exhibition in the Tin roof called between light and dark. As I enter the building I am introduced to a polystyrene bowl of M&Ms and cartons of wine. After several minutes of gorging on sweets go into this small dark room with no lighting only the pieces are lit up. I am surprised how organic these pieces are represented especially the light boxes as they are completely submerged in compost however I only knew this as a chink of light came in. Moreover, I also admired the shadows created from a little bit of light and the reflection if acetate who knew there would be so much to see in the dark and also light at the same time. Since I am an organic person I really enjoyed this exhibition despite it being in the dark and it being small, hey you know what they say small things come in great packages and the small things we find especially in a small city of Dundee is practically a treasure chest of wonderful art.

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