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CRAZY MONSTERS @ DCA ft Hideyuki Katsumata

From Saturday 3rd of October  to the 15th of November the “Thats also unreal, but its also real” by Hideyuki Katsumata has been exibiting in the DCA. As I attended this event I was plesently suprised of how fantastical and crazy this “world” was as i was confronted by this catlike creature with giant muscles, human hands and a male face inside the mouth of the cat. This made me thinks is it a cat monster or a man dressed in a cat monster suit!? The Purpose of Katsuma’s murals is to take the viewer out of their everyday world and into fantasy realm. He uses traditional stories in his work but also uses modern styles like street art, comics and computer games.

As I looked around I also came across smaller images of even more monsters however i was fascinated in were it was drawn on as i seen many mediums of paper from Japanese book pages, comic books, traditional cartridge paper, sheet music. This inspired me to draw on top of books as it does give an unusual surface (once ive read them of course) Moreover I also attended the echo event the DCA held in connection with Discovery Film Festival and I met this filmmaker, Dancer and also does things with screen and Internet called Jeannette Ginslov were she created this app called Aurasma and made her echo response to the Hideyuki Katsuata Exhibition were she drew and eye with a hashtag on it drawn on white cartridge paper. She then took her phone and pointed at it and the device picked up a video . I was then confronted with a red hand with an eye painted on it doing erratic yet elegant dances to mimic the hand of the the catlike mural. This was very

interesting as she had created augmented reality were the pictures came to life in a digital form. she then explained to me that she did something similar were she put hashtag s all over her body and people could see different videos. This interest me because i find i t fascinating what new technology can do and how artistic this can be.

Overall I am impressed that Dundee is being recognized by diff rent artist world wide and they want to display there work here in Scotland. I am now convinced just how artistic the city of Dundee is and how diverse art has been displayed and i believe in this new digital world even more art will come about in brand new forms and shapes and perhaps there will be something new developed tomorrow and we don’t even relies  this

Kimmy xxx

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