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Art Insporation in Action

So I have been racking my brains all day trying to find inspiration for jewellery from this my jey words are shocking and colourful I even went and found the definition of shocking :

Causing indignation discuss and offense

Colourful means:

A varied of colour and of a sense of livelyness

Now I feel like I’ve brought the livelyness and the shock because I feel when you look at it it conveys a sense of “whoa!!!”

Another issue I feel needs to be shared is why is 45% of the class doing nature now if you don’t already know nature is my thing I claimed it from day one people!!! I lived in Glasgow I lived near woody areas I ran in a park everyday I practically lived in nature I wouldn’t be surprised if I got approached one day and someone said “weren’t you one of the boys from Goldings Lord of the flies?” Despite the fact I’m a girl I would have probably said yes! Anyway I hope to solve the mystery of this riddle and make a piece out of it but until that day

I’ll catch you l8tr 😉

Kimmy xxx

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