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The Road to curing Social Anxiety Part 1

So for the past couple of weeks I was given a project to do with Health and well-being of others and to produce some kind of Amulet from that project so since I have social anxiety i thought i would make a little blog to cure myself an hope that it will help others. Now my Anxiety isn’t really professionally diagnosed but I am aware there is something weird about me like I cant hold a conversion or directly look into people eyes for too long or stay in crowded rooms for too long without freaking out. I do like my alone time (sometimes!) but thinking about dates freak me out. Now I know this sounds like words of a teenager but let me assure you I am a 21 year old “Woman” … even typing that gave me the fear!!!

Now Anxiety is considered a metal illness which I did not know so I guess I’m mentally ill!!??? But seriously in some cases this illness becomes so hard for people to the point it affects there lives to the point they cant leave there houses, many drugs can be prescribed but Personally I feel like anxiety is like a type of fear that you just need to get over and in ways its like riding a bike you just need to to keep practising in this case what are are your fears that make you you anxious either keep being in those situations until it doesn’t seem scary any more. However it is easier said than done for some I feel like some kind of boost is needed… now were is that amulet…. oh wait im on a journey to make this allusive amulet whatever form it will take!

I also believe stones is a good method to conquer this anxiety I know its a placebo effect  but who cares its that coldness of a stone that i believe has physical properties and the colour just sets the mood. Moreover, just in general touching the smoothness of the stone or even the roughness of the cuts is a therapeutic thing.

So my idea is that whenever I get anxiety I tend to feel the need to do something with my hands so the first thing  do is draw or paint something thats really nothing more than lines and shapes. Colour for me is a contributes allot in my drawing at first it looked very dark and i would use maroons and dark blues an alot blacks and greys the piece looked like a stormy day i dont even know why!!! so recently im using bright neon colours to get me out of this funk as the brighter the colour the confident it will bounce back in a person so thetas an aspect i will consider. I am also a huge fan of Matisse and Jean Arps work with there Paper collages so I have again  used bright colours and chopped them up into random bits and glued them in wherever they fell and yes shapes have formed! All i need to do now is to develop them further… heres to 20 more design ideas ahhh help me!!!

Ahh will till next time c ya 😉

Kimmy xxx

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