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Make Share event at the Vision Building (review)




As a whole I really learned a lot and I never knew there was so much Dundee could do for young aspiring designers. From this here are they key points I took from the talk:

1.Twitter helps advertise yourself as it is free advertising tool for emerging artists in which everyone worldwide can see and it cost absolutely nothing!

2. Do charties especially now is a good time to do it as its good way to build yourself and your career path when it comes to final year, get the community on your side which definably help build connections.

3. Find groups such as skills share

4. Collab (Dundee is a small town were everyone knows each other it would be hard not to!)

Overall I will take there advise and use it I am now very interested in joining skills share and who knows maybe in future blogs you will see me go on about  the good times of skills share who knows what the future will bring the only person that can control that future is yourself.

-Kimmy xxx

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