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Im starting a Youtube!

Hello everyone if you follow me on instagram @reimagine_by_kteodesigns you'll know that I've started a youtube. Why now you may ask...well Im trying to get people to re think their definition of design as today we think about design in an aesthetic sense but what if things could be functional? What if our designs could make a difference to someones day?

Well this is why I want to teach this as I believe more people should design, more people should think like this or rather think differently about what designing is.

I created this youtube channel to get people to do a step by step method of how to design and Im not saying there is a set way to design im just showing you the many methods in which you could use just to get inspiration.

I also teach you about the value of getting inspiration and how to obtain it be it a camera lens or general observation.

I would appreciate it if you could give it a watch. Ill slowly put an introduction video here so that it seems clearers.

Hopefully this helps and see you on the other side


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